Schweizer Skidestination Alpes Vaudoises lanciert Online-Winterprodukte mit "Pricing as a Service" von Catalate

Waadtländer Alpen

Alpes Vaudoises, a group of Swiss ski areas including includes Leysin Les Mosses, Villars Gryon and Glacier 3000, has launched their lift tickets and ski products for the 21/22 ski season using Catalate’s Pricing as a Service integration with the Alturos e-commerce platform. The resort group is the first implementation of Catalate’s “Pricing as a Service” partnership with Alturos Destinations, which was announced this summer. This year, for the first time, the group of ski areas partnered together to launch a single website and marketplace, powered by Alturos, to promote the entire destination.

With the launch of the new online marketplace, Alpes Vaudoises sought a pricing partner to craft a strategic pricing strategy to drive online revenue, promote yield growth, and maximize conversion within their e-commerce. Alpes Vaudoises’s partnership with Catalate will empower the ski resorts to maximize their online ticketing revenue using Catalate’s proprietary pricing strategy and dataset.

“The cable car companies of the Vaud Alps through Alpes Vaudoises Société coopérative chose Catalate as their pricing provider because of their proven track record of helping ski areas drive revenue with customized pricing strategies,” said Steve Beck, Coordinator and Project Manager at Alpes Vaudoises. “Catalate’s integration with Alturos means that we can still reap the benefits of its pricing model and strategy guidance while using Alturos’s software for our marketplace.” said Steve.

Through Catalate’s partnership with Alturos, the dynamic pricing strategy will be seamlessly integrated via API to the resorts’ online storefront, where customers can book their ski tickets and experiences online in advance.

“We’re excited to see the first implementation of our partnership with Alturos in action,” said Evan Reece, CEO at Catalate. “Our mission is to provide maximum value for both the ski resorts and our partner Alturos, and our pricing strategy API will allow for this.”

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